Breanna Stillman

Associate Worship Leader

I became a Christian when I was 8 years old; the Lord actually used thunderstorms to bring me to Himself. I was absolutely terrified of thunderstorms when I was younger, and I thought that when I sinned or did something wrong that I made the thunderstorms happen. It sounds absurd, right? Even though my understanding was flawed, I knew that sin had consequences and that I needed saving. So at a summer camp when a counselor explained to me what Jesus did for me I was all in. From that point on it has not been an easy walk, but man, has it been good to be known by Jesus.

The Lord has shown me so much grace in giving me a love of music and worship. And while becoming a worship leader was not what I had planned, He sought me and has pulled me into His plans and purposes and there is no higher honor. I love being a worship leader here at Stonegate Church!

I’m a huge fan of enjoying Jesus through hobbies and the wonderful gifts of life He gives us! I adore cooking, playing chess, all things Harry Potter, hiking, and rock climbing.

My hope for Stonegate is that our affections as a church body would continue to grow and be stirred up through worship. And that Jesus would be our bedrock that fortifies us to walk through anything this life throws our way, knowing we are held fast by our Lord who loves us. Would God continue to lead us by His Spirit into deeper faith in Jesus Christ!