Carly Carter


I have been very blessed to have grown up in a loving, Christian home with my two parents and my younger brother in Redondo Beach, CA. Growing up, I always had an understanding and desire to see who Christ is, but it wasn’t until my life got shaken around that I would begin to understand the fullness of His love. I underwent spinal fusion
surgery my freshman year of high school, paralyzing my spine and causing me to relearn how to walk. Because of this I had to give up a passion of mine and much of my pride. I walked in depression and grief for a long time, until I realized that I still had something with constant joy and light in my life: Jesus.

It was in this same year that the Lord led me into ministry and missions. I was given the opportunity to go to Jordan where I served with refugees and realized that my purpose is to bring others into the freedom of a life with Christ. My life would never be for myself anymore, but for Him. The Lord has led me to Dallas, to complete a Biblical Studies degree at Dallas Baptist University. I hope to enter the international mission field and return back to do more work in missions/ministry.

When I’m not daydreaming about traveling the world or at church/school, you can find me practicing photography, hanging out with friends, exploring Dallas, and going on
fun adventures!

My hope for Stonegate is that we would continue to be a place that would empower one another in their relationships with the Lord, help one another to see the Lord in His fullness, and minister to others beyond the church. I pray that we would be equipped with the truth of the Gospel and the Spirit of the Lord, that will allow us to live and serve in the love, unity, and joyfulness of Christ.