Havynn Mahaffey


I was born and raised in East Texas. I grew up in a household that was Christian in name, but not always in action. I remember church was made a priority until about middle school and by that point it was on me if I wanted to go. From middle school until my senior year of high school I went to church on and off, but it wasn’t really about growing, it was about the image I was creating as well as having a reason to be out of the house.

The summer going into my senior year is when I met the Lord and truly desired a relationship with Him. From that moment forward, my life was completely changed and my heart’s deepest desire was to serve the Lord and glorify him with my life. I graduated from Eustace High School with Honors in 2021. After high school, I started attending Southwestern Assemblies of God University, where I was a part of the Cross Country program, participated in an on campus prayer ministry, and was a leader for my dorm room hall. It is so cool to see what the Lord has done in my life this past year. He has grown me and stretched me in ways that I never even thought were possible, and I’ve come to see a little better just how gracious and trustworthy He is.

I started going to Stonegate in my first semester at SAGU and immediately fell in love with the culture and atmosphere here. I really got to see just how much everyone here loves Jesus and each other, through a willingness to serve and disciple others. I love the teaching of the Word that can be found on a Sunday Morning as well as the worship and community.

If you know anything about me, you know I love sports and being active. You can find me in my free time outside going for a run, longboarding, playing basketball, or just simply sitting outside enjoying nature. I love to read, write and draw as well.

My hope for Stonegate is that this continues to be a place where gospel conversations are encouraged and disciples are made. I hope this continues to be a place people can come to find hope and enjoy Jesus fully, in community with others.