Kaleigh McClary


I was born as a triplet in a small town in Louisiana, and we were raised going to a Baptist church where my dad led worship and had us singing on stage with him at a very young age. I moved to Maypearl, Texas right before starting junior high, which was a big shift for me and my 3 sisters. My high school years were a crucial part of my testimony, as it can be so easy to fall into temptation with peers, but this was where I faced true redemption and renewal from Christ.

I accepted Christ at a young age, but I didn’t truly walk out that faith until attending a weekend camp at 13 years old where I could feel the presence of God heal my heart. Almost 4 years ago, I attended a Wake Weekend at Stonegate. After this weekend, for one of the first times, I actually felt like I could call a church “home.” Since then, God has blessed my life in so many ways. I had the opportunity to serve in the Kids Ministry as a volunteer on Sunday mornings for almost a year. Then, God gave me an opportunity to move to Virginia to attend Liberty University. I took a leap of faith and moved without knowing anyone, and God’s promises, grace and comfort have been so evident since then. 

At Stonegate, I have the privilege of interning for the Kids Ministry. I am so thankful for such a wonderful church community, where I get to serve Christ alongside others. When I am not at Stonegate, I love going to Dallas, getting coffee, spending time with family and friends, being outdoors, singing, and reading. 

My hope for Stonegate is to continue to equip and encourage others to expand the Kingdom of God. I pray that every one who visits or attends weekly would feel the loving and accepting presence of Christ as they enter the church and that we would not only spread the Gospel, but live God’s promise out in our everyday lives.