Seth Boterf


I grew up in a God-loving family in East Mississippi. I always knew who the Lord was but never took him to be a personal and loving God that I could have a relationship with. One year at kids camp, the Lord would begin working in my heart and through faithful conversations with my parents and pastor, I would soon accept Jesus as the Lord of my life.

Throughout my youth group days, the youth intern at the time stepped into my life as a great mentor and friend. It was through this discipleship relationship that the Lord would begin maturing my faith and drawing me even closer to him.

My junior year of high school, the Lord moved my family to Stonegate where the Lord showed me what taking ownership of my faith looked like! My faith has flourished through the loving discipleship of the community of Stonegate. Now, I attend Dallas Baptist University pursuing a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Management. I love to hike, hammock, read a good book, listen to music, find new coffee shops, and most of all have fun with friends and family. 

My hope for Stonegate is that we would provide a place for discipleship and relationships to transfer knowledge of Christ to a daily practice of walking in faith!