Sheri Lee

Content Project Manager

I grew up in Oklahoma and moved to Texas with my family during my high school years. I have been in music my entire life and always loved being a part of the Worship Ministry. In 2003, the Lord began to instill a deep passion for sharing with others how worship should be a daily part of life and I began leading worship and had the opportunity to grow a Worship Ministry. I have loved being a part of the Worship Ministry here at Stonegate and have come to love working with young worship leaders as they grow in their musical skills, knowledge of God, and love for Jesus. Outside of church, I enjoy reading, watching movies, and spending time with Joe, my husband of 33 years, our 3 daughters & sons-in-law, & 3 grandbabies.

I hope that, as a church, we continue to deepen our enjoyment of Jesus together by encouraging each other and walking in community. I pray that this not only deepens our own walks with the Lord, but causes a deeper ache for those who don’t know the Lord and spurs us to step out and build relationships in order to share the gospel. I hope that we see Stonegate grow by sharing the gospel and advancing the Kingdom as we enjoy Jesus together.