Saturday // The Day After the Funeral

Dr. Justin Jackson   -  


(Pick one or two of the passages below. Read the passage(s) carefully and write down any observations that come to mind.)

  • Matthew 27:62-66



(Take a moment to reflect on how the events that happened on this day shape your understanding of Christ and the redemption he has accomplished.)

  1. Why was it necessary for Jesus to die? Write out as many reasons as you can.
  2. How does the resurrection bring us hope in the midst of suffering and death?


(Use the meditations below to foster a time of prayer and thanksgiving for what Jesus has done.)

God sees you in your grief, and he knows when and how he is going to turn your sorrow into joy. Spend a few moments (or even a few hours) pouring out your heart to the God who has and will keep his promises. He hears your cries and sees your tears. Turn to him.

Go on…Read ahead. What is about to happen tomorrow is no longer a secret to us! We have sight that the disciples did not have that Saturday long ago. Turn forward a few pages in your Bible and prepare your heart for tomorrow.