Care at Stonegate

What people need in order to change and heal is the GOSPEL + SAFETY + TIME

GOSPEL | the good news of Jesus
SAFETY | a safe, non-judgmental environment
TIME | change doesn't happen overnight

Care at Stonegate seeks to provide this through community, pastoral care, and counseling

We are made to be known and loved in relationship with others

We all need spiritual guidance and shepherding from others

Sometimes people need more help than their community can provide


Take steps towards growth and healing

Pastoral Care

Practical assistance and a place to serve

If you are interested in serving, CONTACT US


Focused counseling and assistance resources


Support Groups

Learn More About Our Care Classes

Redemption Groups

Redemption Groups is a discipleship experience for any believer wanting to grow in their ability to apply the good news of Jesus to their hearts and encounter real change, healing, and growth. We offer Redemption Groups in a weekend format or in an 8-week small group format.

Redemption Group Testimonies:

Joey Adaway

Sue Netherland

Steele Haspel

Marriage Care

Marriage Care is a class for couples that works to connect the Gospel to their marriage. As we move into a deeper connection and love for God, we can move into a deeper connection with our spouse. The course will be offered in the spring, summer and fall and will cover material connected to Paul Tripp’s book “Marriage.” Registration cost covers materials and childcare for the class.

Financial Peace

At Stonegate, we want spiritual thriving for you. One thing we’d love for you, is to see you debt free, able to save more than you ever have, and give more than you ever have. This is all possible when we learn how to steward what God has given us well. We want this so much for our people, we are willing to cover the registration cost for you if you have 100% attendance at the class.

Do You Need Immediate Help?

If you or someone you know is in an emergency situation, please call 911 or reach out to one of these resources for immediate assistance: