A Disciple Lives in Community

We all need one another. Jesus saved us into his family and has designed us to follow him with one another. As we live in God's family, we are commended to love, encourage, serve, care for, admonish, teach, and pray for one another. To live in community at Stonegate is to commit to participation in a group.

What Is Community?

At a large church, it is easy to live a life unknown to anyone else, but that is not how we are meant to live as disciples. Living in community means that you intentionally gather with members of our church family in small groups. These groups are for you to be known, to know others, and to practice the "One Anothers" of Scripture. Being known means to share your life with others - what you really think, feel, say, and do on a regular basis.

How Can I Join a Group?


Meet one of our team members at the Groups Wall on a Sunday morning. We'd love to meet you and help connect you to a group.


Participate in Discover Stonegate. Offered once a month where you can discover our story, discover being known in groups, and discover your gifts for service.



Attend Group Connect. In Group Connect, you will learn what we do in community groups, meet new people, and form a group.


Support Groups

Sometimes we face difficulties in life and we need specialized care to help us through sin and suffering. If you are experiencing grief, addiction, marital strife, or parenting challenges, please search our Support Groups for short term care.

Common Interest Groups

Common Interest Groups include Bible Studies, Missional Groups, Topical Groups, and Activity Groups. These groups are a great way to learn and meet new people, but are not meant to take the place of community that is found in a Community Group.

Do You Have An Idea for a New Common Interest Group?

Everyone has been formed by God for a purpose: equipped with skills, gifts and passions. Everyone has also been formed by their experiences. Common Interest Groups are the place for you to take all of the ways God has formed you, to help form others.

In these groups, you can gather people together to build relationships, be known, and grow in your relationship with Jesus. Whether it is leading men, women, married couples, or singles, you can take your passion and form a Common Interest Group at Stonegate.

How Do I Become a Group Leader?

You don’t need to have it all together to lead a Stonegate Group—you just have to be willing to let God use you.

We want all of our group leaders to be covenant members. If you want to lead a group, membership at Stonegate may be your next step.

What Support is Available to Group Leaders?

We have on-going support, care, and training for group leaders. We encourage all of our leaders to take advantage of these training opportunities and resources:


If you have been a member of a Stonegate Community Group before and would like to search our open groups, you can click below.



We are here to help you enjoy Jesus and make disciples. Click below if you have questions about Stonegate Groups.