Gospel Friendships are Found in Groups

At its core, a Stonegate Group is less about what you do and more about who you do it with. We all need each other. The best environment for vibrant community to form at Stonegate is in a Group. It’s a normal expectation that every member of the Stonegate family finds a group.

What Is A Stonegate Group?

Stonegate Groups exist to provide an environment for disciple-makers to enjoy Jesus together, be known by one another, and be transformed by the gospel of Jesus Christ.

A Group Is A Place For You To Enjoy Jesus With Others

Jesus is a person to be enjoyed, but not alone. In Matthew 22:1-10, Jesus says the Kingdom of God is like a wedding feast. In Revelation 19:1-10, John pictures heaven as a marriage supper, with a great multitude enjoying king Jesus. A Stonegate Group is intended to be a foretaste of what’s to come, a place for us to enjoy Jesus with others.

A Group Is A Place For You To Be Known By Others

Honesty is hard. We all have parts of ourselves we’d like to hide. But the good news of Jesus eventually leads us to honesty with others, not just in our strengths but also in our weaknesses. When we refuse to be known by others, we also refuse God’s precious gift of friendships. But when we allow ourselves to be known by others, we receive from Jesus genuine friends, people who know all of us yet still love us, people committed to helping us look more like Jesus.

Becoming fully known by others involves confession and repentance before the Lord and gospel-centered community. Rather than covering up our sin and insecurities or projecting a false version of ourselves, a group is a place to practice James 5:16, Therefore, confess your sins to one another and pray for one another, that you may be healed. The prayer of a righteous person has great power as it is working. Jesus invites us to walk in the light, and being known by others in a Stonegate Group is one way to respond to that invitation.

A Group Is A Place For You To Be Transformed By Jesus

We all want to change. We all need to change. And the Scriptures shows us how change happens – by beholding Jesus (2 Corinthians 3:18)! As we behold our risen Savior, who lived and died in our place, we become more like Him. But beholding Jesus is a communal pursuit. We need others who will point us to the risen Jesus, and others will need us to point them to the risen Jesus.

Every Sunday the good news of Jesus is preached, and each week those in a group have the privilege of applying the gospel to one another’s heart. Each person in a Group is encouraged to be in-tune with one another’s life with Jesus, both their current struggles and successes, to pray for one another, and to “stir one another up to love and good deeds.” When this happens, we slowly “become more like Jesus in all of life through the power of the Spirit.”

What Types of Groups Can I Join?

Home Groups

Stonegate Home Groups are where we do life together. They are an intergenerational mix of married couples and singles. They meet weekly in the home of a group member (usually the leader’s home).


Women's Groups

Stonegate Women’s Groups serve as a way for women to build friendships and go deeper in their faith. They are 8-10 week semester-based groups meet at a variety of times and locations.


Men's Groups

Stonegate Men’s Groups meet weekly at a variety of times and locations. These are semester-based groups that meet for 8 – 10 weeks.


Young Adult Groups

Stonegate Young Adult Groups are ongoing mixed gender groups that meet in people’s homes and include singles, married couples and college students.


Formation Groups

Stonegate Formation Groups provide a discipleship pathway to know Jesus more intimately and to learn to cooperate with the Spirit as we are formed into the likeness of Christ.


Care and Support Groups

Stonegate Care Groups are specialized groups designed to encourage, provide support and care for you in unique and challenging seasons of life.  We currently have marriage care, foster and adoption support, grief share, financial peace and parenting prodigals groups.  More care groups can be found under Men’s Groups and Women’s Groups as well.


Student Groups

Stonegate Student Groups meet weekly for our high school students on Wednesday nights at host homes to enjoy Jesus together.


Outreach Groups

Stonegate Outreach Groups are focused on serving in our local community and the DFW area.



Freedom Groups

Stonegate Freedom groups help people find freedom from sexual sin and pornography by providing community, encouragement, accountability, and practical guidance. These groups serve as a launch pad for Redemption Groups or a Pure Desire Group.


How Can I Join a Group?


Request to join a group through Church Center. When you request to join, a group leader will reach out to you.



Meet one of our team members at the Groups Wall on a Sunday morning. We'd love to meet you and help connect you to a group.



Attend a Groups Event. We launch groups throughout the year after events like Behold Become for women and Men's Training Day for men.


Participate in Discover Stonegate. A three-week journey to discover our story, discover being known in groups, and discover your gifts for service.


Do You Have An Idea for a New Group?

Everyone has been formed by God for a purpose: equipped with skills, gifts and passions. Everyone has also been formed by their experiences. Stonegate Groups are the place for you to take all of the ways God has formed you, to help form others.

We want people to be creative and invite people into their lives. Stonegate Groups gather people together to build relationships, be known, and grow in our relationship with Jesus. Whether it is leading men, women, married couples, singles, or home groups, you can take your passion a form a group at Stonegate.

How Do I Become a Group Leader?

You don’t need to have it all together to lead a Stonegate Group—you just have to be willing to let God use you.

We want all of our group leaders to be covenant members. If you want to lead a group, membership at Stonegate may be your next step.

What Support is Available to Group Leaders?

We have on-going support, care, and training for group leaders. We encourage all of our leaders to take advantage of these training opportunities and resources:


We are here to help you enjoy Jesus and make disciples. Click below if you have questions about Stonegate Groups.