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Valuing the Vulnerable

In James 1:27 we see that true religion runs after widows and orphans. The pursuit is not passive, rather it is intentional and deliberate.

At Stonegate we value the vulnerable not because it’s politically expedient or socially profitable, but because Jesus did. It is from our desire to do what Jesus did and from our understanding of our own spiritual adoption that we care for some of society’s most vulnerable: children in foster care and children in need of forever families.

What We Do


We want to inspire families to prayerfully consider adopting or fostering vulnerable children as well as inspire people to come alongside these families. We understand that everyone is not called to welcome a child into their home, but we believe everyone can do something. So, we also want to inspire our church body to get involved in helping to undergird families who have stepped into fostering and adopting.


We understand that the decision to step into fostering and adopting is not one that is taken lightly and the road may feel both tumultuous and ambiguous. Therefore, we want to provide families with resources to foster and/or adopt by way of financial assistance (based on need), recommending agencies and care groups (e.g. financial peace, marriage care, etc.).


Lastly, we want to support families who have answered the call to fostering and adopting. At the moment, Stonegate offers support to families who have adopted/are fostering children through support groups, meal trains, parent’s night out, handyman help, placement needs, care, coaching and more.

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