Tuesday // The Fruitless Fig Tree

Dr. Justin Jackson   -  


(Pick one or two of the passages below. Read the passage(s) carefully and write down any observations that come to mind.)

  • Matthew 21:18-27
  • Mark 11:12-14; 20-24



(Take a moment to reflect on how the events that happened on this day shape your understanding of Christ and the redemption he has accomplished.)

  1. Why is it so important for God’s people to bear fruit? If we are saved by grace, then why is it so necessary for us to become fruit-bearing disciples?
  2. What God-honoring fruits are missing in your life? Be honest. Do you see fruits like love,joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, and faithfulness increasing daily? Or is your lifebarren of these things?
  3. Who can you recruit to help press you to greater fruitfulness? We are meant to growtogether, therefore, you need other fruit-laden Christians if you are to becomefruitful.


(Use the meditations below to foster a time of prayer and thanksgiving for what Jesus has done.)

“Lord, thank you for giving us your Spirit so that we could bear fruit and not be ‘barren fig trees.’ Please help me bear even more fruit in/by…”