New Year, New Habits


Family Storyboarding

Family storyboarding is an intentional way to engage with your kids as you make plans for the new year. This is a great thing to do every on New Year’s Eve or New Year’s Day.

Life Planning

Life planning is about determining what things are most important to you in life and then putting a plan in place to prioritize what you have identified as important. This process involves assessing where you are in life, identifying what is important to you, writing out a vision for who you want to be, and putting specific action plans in place to carry out your vision.

The 5 Fs for You and Your Family

The Five F’s are some categories of life we all can be blessed to consider and intentionally think and pray about. Pray and dream about each of the F’s in some time alone with God or you can do it as a family at the dinner table. Let the F’s spur conversation and as a tool to live the life God has planned for you (Ephesians 2:10).

Additional Resources

Distraction from the mission is one of the biggest threats to our victory and formation. After some thorough evaluation and reflection, take some time to consider some new habits that will put things in its proper place.