Owen Arnold

Facilities Manager

I didn’t grow up in a church home necessarily. My family and I were off and on church goers due to work and lack of interest from my parents. The first positive experience I really ever had with church was my high school years meeting my best friend who would take me to church on youth Wednesday’s. But, even this was a hit or miss subject for me. My earlier young adult years were spent focusing more on using drugs and alcohol to cope with my insecurities of an absentee father and body appearance. This would eventually land me in prison before I was 21 years old and this is when the Lord really became a central figure in my life. Upon going to jail, I encounter an older gentlemen discipling a young man on the book of James (my favorite book of the Bible to this day). Eavesdropping on the conversation something began to stir in my heart… I couldn’t explain it at the time. 4 1/2 months into my time in prison, a church group came and did an art ministry for the inmates where a picture rendition of Jesus face broke me. I knew in that moment that Jesus was better than the life that had gotten me into this situation and I didn’t want anything else but Him. Shortly after I left the prison program I was in, I began attending a church and came to know the Lord in a deeper and more meaningful way thanks to some amazing pastors who discipled me over the last 10 years. 3 years ago in the summer of 2018, in the midst of turmoil in my 2nd marriage, my wife Tania and I decided that we needed to come together and find a church for our family. She had heard about Stonegate in the days of the conference center, but due to her work commitments to another church organization at the time couldn’t attend services with me. She had heard wonderful things about this church and asked if I could go attend service to see if it would be a good fit for our family. I reluctantly agreed and began attending church that entire summer even though I was bitter and angry towards her. The Lord knew though this was the place not only for our family but also a place for me to flourish and grow in my long time aspirations of full time ministry. The next few years here at Stonegate would be filled with tough conversions and moments in community where the Lord was challenging me to change my identity in what I thought full time ministry would actually look like. After a rough patch of losing 2 different jobs in 2021, Stonegate reached out to me and finally answered a long time prayer of mine by offering me a position on staff to oversee building operations and facilities. I thank God for this church and the opportunities that have been giving to me to do what I love most everyday which is to Enjoy Jesus and Make Disciples!

As I mentioned, I am married to Tania Arnold, who serves faithfully in Kids Min and loves our two little dogs Harry and Emmy. We are currently in the process of IVF in order to have children.

My hobbies are grilling/making food… then eating food lol, sports (basically anything but baseball and college football), outdoor hiking and walks, and spending time at home with my family.

To be an alter to the Lord in Ellis County for those who need to know the loving kindness of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. A place that people would know and see is dedicated to watching more of the body of believers become saints day in and day out through the work of the Spirit and local communities the surround the area.