Monday // Clearing The Temple

Dr. Justin Jackson   -  


(Pick one or two of the passages below. Read the passage(s) carefully and write down any observations that come to mind.)

  • Matthew 21:12-17
  • Mark 11:15-18
  • Luke 19:45-48
  • John 2:14-16



(Take a moment to reflect on how the events that happened on this day shape your understanding of Christ and the redemption he has accomplished.)

  1. How does Jesus’s cleansing of the temple display his heart for the nations?
  2. Christ has come so that you can honor God as was intended. In what areas of your life doyou need Jesus’ cleansing and restorative work? In what ways can you ask him torenovate your life: Your marriage? Habits? Parenting? Friendships? Joy?
  3. How does Jesus healing the outcasts (like the blind and lame) preview the good news of our future restoration?


(Use the meditations below to foster a time of prayer and thanksgiving for what Jesus has done.)

“Lord, please cleanse my heart so that I may worship you as you deserve. Toss the tables of my idolatry. Cleanse me of my…”