Thursday // The Bread and Wine

Dr. Justin Jackson   -  


(Pick one or two of the passages below. Read the passage(s) carefully and write down any observations that come to mind.)

  • Matthew 26:17-29
  • Mark 14:12-25
  • Luke 22:7-23



(Take a moment to reflect on how the events that happened on this day shape your understanding of Christ and the redemption he has accomplished.)

  1. In what ways does Jesus’s death fulfill the Passover’s symbolism?
  2. Jesus calls the wine his “blood of the covenant.” How does his death bring us into a personal relationship with God?
  3. How does accepting the truth that Jesus was slain (his body broken and his blood spilled) “for us” inspire you to greater adoration and thanksgiving?


(Use the meditations below to foster a time of prayer and thanksgiving for what Jesus has done.)

“Lord, thank you for giving me the bread and wine of salvation. Help me feast on the gospel truth that Jesus’s body was broken and his blood was shed on my behalf…”