Annabelle Dupuy


I have been blessed with a godly upbringing in Gilbert, Arizona. My parents instilled in me and my four siblings a belief in God, and they walked out their faith as an amazing example to us. I loved attending youth group growing up. I started taking my relationship with Christ seriously the summer after junior high. I had been wondering if I sincerely believed in God or if I had simply adopted my parents’ faith, and I struggled with doubt. I really desired to know for sure that God was real, so I wrote down my prayers right before summer camp. Miraculously, my exact prayers that I would feel God’s presence were answered in a way that I knew he had been listening to me. From that point on I wanted to grow in my relationship with the Lord.

I was called to ministry right before I began college. I am passionate about helping people through struggles in life with empathy by pointing them to Christ.

I attended Biola University for a year, until classes went fully online due to Covid in 2020. I prayed that God would lead me somewhere new with Christian community. I experienced the undeniable leading of the Holy Spirit. God led me to Dallas Baptist University to major in Christian Studies.

If I see something beautiful in creation, my immediate thought is to paint it. I enjoy art, reading, taking walks, weightlifting, and going to coffee shops.

I pray that people would come to have a closer relationship with God through Stonegate. I hope that as a community we would display the grace Christ has given us to others.