Austin Terry

Video Coordinator

I was born in Dallas, Texas to a Christ loving family who raised me in the faith. We never adopted a specific denomination, but my parents raised me in scripture and ensured it would be written on the hearts of my brother and myself. During my high school years and early college years, I strayed away from a close walk with Christ and saw the brokenness of the world and the abyssal nature of sin through university life as a student, and the film/tv industry as an actor. Now, post-college, my walk with God has never been stronger and He has called me into ministry in a multi-faceted way. In the long-term, I want to use my gifts to improve the Christian film industry, develop apologetic strategies, and glorify the name of the Lord all the while. I joined the Stonegate team after the Lord revealed to me that He wants me to be involved in ministry, and it has been a wonderful experience. The culture here nurtures kindness, selflessness, and ensures that everyone is developed not only professionally, but spiritually as well. My hobbies include screenwriting, playing guitar, biking, disc golf, and soccer.

My hope for Stonegate is that its leaders would continue to encourage leadership through vulnerability, transparency, and service. In this, I pray that the congregation of Stonegate would be inspired to take on service as a means to display their faith and the free gift of salvation they have been given.