Libby Sullivan

Kids Ministry Associate

I grew up in Rhode Island with no true knowledge of Jesus. Although I grew up going to Catholic Church, I had no knowledge of Jesus or my need for the gospel. I left high school believing there was no God at all and that I was a good person who had no need for a savior. It was not until I left home for college where I met a group of friends who were faithful to read the Bible with me and share the gospel that I was able to see that I am desperately broken and in need of a savior. I was able to see that there was a God who loved me so deeply that he sent his only son to live the perfect life that I could not and die the death that I deserve as a payment for my sin.

Since my sophomore year of college, I have been trying to faithfully serve Jesus and have allowed him to control every area of my life. Since graduating I have moved to Colorado, Rhode Island, and North Carolina following the Lord’s plan for my life.

I eventually moved to Dallas to begin a masters degree in Child Life at Texas Woman’s University. After spending two years working in Dallas, the Lord brought me to Stonegate KIDS. I am passionate about working with kids and partnering with families to help teach kids to have a deep and rich relationship with Jesus.

My hope for Stonegate KIDS is we are able to be a tool to partner with families so kids can meet and grow in relationship with Jesus. I hope to help this community create little disciples that allow for the sweetness of the gospel to be spread from generation to generation.