Lindsay Schott

Women's Ministry Teacher
I grew up going to church with parents who bravely held back generations of alcoholism and broken family structures. And while their faith was real, my faith didn’t come alive until high school. I followed a friend to youth group where the youth pastor preached much like John the Baptist by the Jordan – shrill, unapologetic, and divine. It was there I heard the gospel for the first time. It was there I saw the threat of being a good kid, and it was there I understood I have nothing before God, not my good-kid-ness, not my grades or performance – I only brought my incurable bend away from God, my obdurate heart, and a great need to be forgiven. God rescued me from my self-righteousness and “good” veneer and I became truly born again. There, in that youth group, the foundations of my faith were laid and they have stood the test of time. And there, in that youth group, I knew the only thing I was passionate about was Jesus.
I’ve had a strange patchwork history of employment, but the constant has been my involvement in ministry in different arenas in every church I’ve attended. In 2015, our family moved to Midlothian from the Houston area and jumped into Stonegate immediately. We found in Stonegate a home that nurtured us in the grace of God while strengthening us in truth. I’ve served at Stonegate for several years in different capacities from teaching women’s bible study, equipping women’s teachers, Kids Min and group leading. I came on staff in 2024, sensing God opened a door particularly for me to use the gifts He’s given on a team I already know and love.
I’ve been married to my high school sweetheart, Landon since 2005 and we have 4 kids. When I’m not working, you will find me playing with my kids, singing loudly with them, watercoloring, or reading a good book.
My hope for Stonegate is we continue to grow into a people who treasure Jesus and are loyal to Him and fulfill the mission of teaching people to obey all that Jesus has commanded both in our city, our nation, and the world. My joy is to encourage and equip women in Stonegate to love Jesus more and mobilize them into the mission God has called them to.