Zach Reynolds

Student Director

If you have ever heard me talk, you may think I’m probably not from around here. As interesting as that would be, the truth about who I am is simple: I struggled for most of my life with a speech impediment, but I have been redeemed by Christ and called to use my voice to preach the good news of Jesus. I have been leading student ministry for almost seven years in which I get to live out my passion of reaching students, seeing them take ownership of their faith, and witnessing all that God is doing in and through them. I am married to my high-school sweetheart, Ashlyn, who is my partner in life and ministry. I am a two-time Criswell graduate, and looking to continue in my education and knowledge of God. I love the beautiful game of soccer, cinema, Whataburger, and The Office. I am excited to be here, as part of the Stonegate family!

My hope for Stonegate is that we continue to be a place where people are reconciled into the family of God, as we yearn to know God fully and to be fully known as brothers and sisters in Christ.