Zach Reynolds

Student Director

If you’ve ever heard me speak, you might have noticed I don’t quite sound like I’m from around here. The truth is, I struggled with a speech impediment throughout my life. However, I found purpose and transformation through Christ during my high school years. Now, I am blessed to use my voice to share the good news of Jesus. Since 2014, my passion has been leading students to discover the incredible beauty of who Jesus is as I continue to discover it more and more each day. 

I married my beautiful high-school sweetheart, Ashlyn, whom I met in our student ministry growing up. Together, we have a joy-filled, energetic son named Beckham, who has quickly become one of the best parts of our lives. We also have a golden retriever named Millie, who we adore maybe a little too much

I’m a proud two-time graduate of Criswell College, earning my B.A. in Ministry in 2016 and my M.A. in Christian Leadership in 2019. Education is a lifelong pursuit for me, as I continually seek to deepen my understanding of the beauty of Jesus..

I enjoy almost everything in life! Soccer holds a special place in my heart, but I also enjoy basketball, pickleball, and the thrill of being a champion in fantasy football. I’m an avid movie buff, with a weakness for Whataburger and a perpetual binger of The Office. Whether it’s bringing the energy to the life of the party, to sit in quiet as we fish, or relishing a evening with board games and a good meal, count me in. I suppose you could say I just love being around people.

My hope for Stonegate is for it to be a sanctuary where people encounter the transformative power of Jesus. A haven where healing abounds, hope is rekindled in marriages, and where the love of God radiates through His Church. For Stonegate to be for others what it has been for me and my family.